English Exercises > comparatives/superlatives exercises


a.Choose the correct
1.It is  church in England. 2.He is  his sister.
3.It is  animal in the world. 4.Jane is  me.
5.Bob got  mark of all. 6. Tom is  student.
b. Read and tick the correct
1.My brother is a) faster b) faster than  Nick.
2.Susan is a)the most beautiful b) the more beautiful  girl in class.
3.My mother was a)best than b) better than  my dad at Maths.
4.The Queen is a)the richest b)the richer  person in the country.
5.My homework is a)more demanding than b)more demanding  yours.
c. Write the adjectives in the comparative
1.The green alien is (tall)  than the blue alien.
2.The pen is writing (fast)  than the feather. 
3.This butterfly is (graceful)  than this one.
4.Bart is (polite)  in the first picture than in the second one.
d. Write the adjectives in the superlative
1.Dolphins are the (playful)  animal creatures.
2.This is the (frightening)  house I've ever seen.
3.Football is the (famous)  sport.
4.Ice creams are the (cool)  sweets.
5.Dinosaurs were the (big) animals on Earth millions of years ago.